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Photography workshops

My 1 Day ‘Photographer’s Eye’ workshop is ideal for those who want to get the most from their Digital SLR camera. [Find Out More]


Pictures of god

Reading the following quote from Martin Luther, has encouraged me greatly as I try to figure out have best to explore and share faith, using photography as a tool to do so...

"I am not of the opinion" said Luther, "that through the Gospel all the arts should be banished and driven away, as some zealots want to make us believe; but I wish to see them all, especially music, in the service of Him Who gave and created them." Again he says: "I have myself heard those who oppose pictures, read from my German Bible. … But this contains many pictures of God, of the angels, of men, and of animals, especially in the Revelation of St. John, in the books of Moses, and in the book of Joshua. We therefore kindly beg these fanatics to permit us also to paint these pictures on the wall that they may be remembered and better understood, inasmuch as they can harm as little on the walls as in books. Would to God that I could persuade those who can afford it to paint the whole Bible on their houses, inside and outside, so that all might see; this would indeed be a Christian work. For I am convinced that it is God’s will that we should hear and learn what He has done, especially what Christ suffered. But when I hear these things and meditate upon them, I find it impossible not to picture them in my heart. Whether I want to or not, when I hear, of Christ, a human form hanging upon a cross rises up in my heart: just as I see my natural face reflected when I look into water. Now if it is not sinful for me to have Christ’s picture in my heart, why should it be sinful to have it before my eyes?"


The strange miracle of the quiet beauty

I like what George Pattison suggests when he contends "that both theologians in their thinking and artists in their making may … ponder over ‘the strange miracle of the quiet beauty’ of visual art, and spend time in the space which this ‘strange miracle’ opens up."


A Sense of What is Real

I was reading A Sense of What is Real by Philip Pacey recently and found it to be hugely relevant to my photographic practice. It challenged and encouraged me in many ways. In particular I was struck by the insight and implication of the following extract… “The moment of vision is a creative experience - a creative seeing, of more than meets the eye; creative whether or not it leads on (as it may well do) to some outward manifestation of creativity through which the experience may be recorded and celebrated and made more still. It is a creative process in which we are stimulated by the world to give it meaning - but from where does meaning come from if not from the world, from nature, from our human nature? In its essence the experience is a direct apprehension of creation - of a continuing creation of the cosmos through us: that spirit, that is, the supreme being, does not build up nature around us but puts it forth through us.

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