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Photography workshops

My 1 Day ‘Photographer’s Eye’ workshop is ideal for those who want to get the most from their Digital SLR camera. [Find Out More]


help-portrait belfast (2010)

iWitness is a spiritual documentary series portraying stories of belief, prayer, passion and meaningful experiences. This episode was shot in December 2010, during Help-Portrait Belfast.


Christmas angelus on RTE television (2010/2011)

The Angelus is broadcast nightly on RTE 1, before the Six One News. It provides a minute's reflection showing how some people still manage to "Go placidly amidst the noise" of today's Ireland.


photography Workshop at Summer Madness (2010)

A crew from Kairos Communications made a documentary about Summer Madness, Belfast. This is my bit of the programme, talking about my faith and photography. The show was broadcast on RTE Television on Sunday 25th July 2010.


Faith in religious meaning

I like how James Elkins makes the point that perhaps through art, understanding and insight may somehow be uniquely discovered "… and Manet’s painting (‘Dead Christ and the Angels’, 1864) does ask for an act of faith in both: the painting makes us ask how much we might have faith in the painter, or in painting, and that leads, by a subtle thread, to faith in religious meaning that might be communicated ‘only’ in painting or only in this painting."



Hope (1886) by George Frederic Watts

It is feelings of hope rather than of despair that I would like to inspire through my photography. Faith has the potential I believe to encourage such hope, even when at times it is a more perhaps a matter of “hoping against hope”. Paul Barlow writing in Tate Etc about Hope by George Frederic Watts asserts that the painting is about “the hope of those who refuse to submit to despair when it beckons”.

In the painting Hope is blindfolded and seated on a globe and playing a lyre which has only one string unbroken. Watts wanted to find a new way to paint allegory based on universal themes. In the painting Hope’s attempts to make music appear futile and several critics have argued that the work might have been more appropriately titled Despair. Watts explained that ‘Hope need not mean expectancy. It suggests here rather the music which can come from the remaining chord.’