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Photography workshops

My 1 Day ‘Photographer’s Eye’ workshop is ideal for those who want to get the most from their Digital SLR camera. [Find Out More]


My trip with Ratanak is fast approaching! On the 1st of November I will be departing for Cambodia to find out more, and to think more about, the country, its people and how in response I might best go about creating a body of photographic work. The proposed work will be displayed in the MCAC during October/November 2012.

It's hard to prepare myself fully for what my experience might be and how I will react and be effected by the experiences and relationships which develop. However, I'm determined to make the most of this opportunity and excited about the opportunity to further develop my practice after Beautiful Dawn.

Source Online
I was recently extremely pleased to receive the following review from Stefanie Braun, Senior Curator at The Photographers' Gallery in London about Beautiful Dawn...

  • "This is a very moving body of work that delicately deals with the process of mourning. For one year, Tim Doak documented the life of Jason Smyth, who, after the death of his wife, built a pigeon loft on the roof of his local church. The loss and loneliness that has enveloped Jason's life is palpable in the images yet there is also a sense of hope and calm determination to carry on." (Stefanie had been asked to pick a selection of work from the Source Graduate Photography Online 2011 website.)

Exciting Opportunities
Over the past month I have had the opportunity to...

  • Go to Stormont Buildings in Belfast and be part of the exhibition opening for a photo project I had been involved with over the summer months working with a group of foster care kids and their carers.
  • Speak about my work with students at the University of Ulster in Belfast and at Sallynoggin College in Dublin.
  • Prepare for the 'Familiar Spaces' exhibition opening, taking place at the Burren College of Art on Saturday 15th October at 8pm.

Photography Workshops
Perhaps you are starting to think about buying your Christmas presents, or what others might get for you (!?)... how about something a little different - a voucher for my next series of photography workshops starting in January 2012:

  • Saturday 28th Jan 2012
    - 1 Day DSLR Photo Workshop
  • Saturday 25th Feb 2012
    - 1/2 Day Point & Shoot Photo Workshop
  • Saturday 31st Mar 2012
    - 1 Day DSLR Photo Workshop
  • Saturday 14th Apr 2012
    - 1 Day DSLR Photo Workshop : ADVANCED
    For those that have previously took part in a 1 Day DSLR Workshop (more info to follow soon)

"Very pleased to have the chance to do this today. Very relaxed, informal, good practical and theory sessions. Finally, I have a much better understanding of my camera - aperture, shutter speed, composition etc..."
Connie Shaw - 1 Day Workshop Participant


Summer 2011

Since opening night of the MFA Photography exhibition back in June, it's been a busy few weeks! Since then I have had work shown in a group show which took place in Dublin that was part of the PhotoIreland Festival. The same show, 'Close To Home' is returning back to Belfast to be part of the Belfast Photo Festival in August. It's so exciting to see two great photography festivals taking place in Ireland, providing such a fantastic opportunity to showcase local talent and also a wonderful opportunity to be inspired by the work of other photographers from different parts of the world. By the way, the 'Close To Home' exhibition will take place at the King Street Arts Gallery. Opening night is Thursday 4th August at 5pm, with the exhibition continuing through to the 14th August.

Also, as part of the Belfast Photo Festival, I have been invited to speak at a couple of events. Both are taking place on the 12th August. At one event I will be discussing my dissertation which I completed as part of my studies for my MFA in Photography and at the other I will be "showing" and "telling" about my 'Beautiful Dawn' series.

At the start of July I headed over to the Eastern European Bible College to led a three day photography workshop which formed part of the College's overall media training. The EEBC is based in Oradea in western Romania, just across the Hungarian Boarder. It was a good experience to teach within a different cultural context, feeling I was able to offer some fresh perspectives on composition, story and creativity.

I'm starting to think about what might be next - what my next photographic project might be. I have had some very interesting and encouraging initial conversations with different key people and have a research and fact finding trip planned for later in the year. I don't want to say too much at this early stage but hopefully very soon my next photographic journey will be commencing - exciting!! :)


Opening Night!

Opening night of the MFA Photography Degree Show was fantastic! Such a buzz... with lots of friends and family coming along to support and encourage. The show looked great. Check out the work of the whole class at I have really enjoyed and been challenged by the last two years, learning a lot about context and narrative within documentary photography. Wondering and dreaming about what might be next...


End of Year MFA Degree Show

So, the end is in site! It has been a long, interesting and very challenging journey but my Master's in Photography is almost over. I'm busy getting ready for opening night taking place on Friday 3rd June at the University of Ulster in Belfast. Collected invites today and plan to pick up framed prints tomorrow. Photobook from Blurb should arrive tmw too. Next priority is to prepare my exhibition space - sand paper, filler and paint at the ready!

Since October 2009, I have been introduced to new and inspiring ways of making photographs and challenged to consider what it is that has influenced me to be the photographer that I am, and more importantly what type of photographer I want to become.

Beautiful Dawn is the end result of this process. A process that has help me identify that I am a photographer, "Interested in considering how photography might be used as a tool to visually expand understanding of the story of faith, making work which helps to expose the viewer ‘to the ideas of religion, [...] what it feels like to believe that religion.”"


Show & Tell : 19.03.11

On Saturday I was asked to show my Beautiful Dawn work and tell a bit about how it came about and what it means to me and what it might say to others. It turned out to be a great afternoon spent in the company of like minded creatives. A real opportunity to be inspired and encouraged!

The afternoon was kicked off by David Capener, sharing thoughts on creativity and insights from his upcoming book 'Dancers and Heretics'. Liked his idea of seeking to be part of change by staying within the 'institution'. Thoughts and stories were also shared by Rebekah Hall and Tara Mullan.

Talking about my work helps me to think through more clearly how it came about and what I am trying to say with it. The work is about much more than I first thought it would be. It's about Pigeons - yes! But it's about so much more... faith, loss, death, mourning, relationship, me.

Show & Tell was organised by the beautiful people from Red Collective. Already looking forward to the next one!