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Photography workshops

My 1 Day ‘Photographer’s Eye’ workshop is ideal for those who want to get the most from their Digital SLR camera. [Find Out More]


Shina Thaly - a Photographer that inspires!

I'm recently back from a return visit to Cambodia, spending time with Shina (Thach) making photos and together training other young girls just like her to tell their stories.


Cambodia Update: "Me & My Shadow"

I was recently very encouraged to watch a video posted online featuring the story of one of the young women I worked with while in Cambodia back in 2012. It tells Thach's inspiring story of transformation and hope and is well worth a watch!


Hopes & Dreams

Young women rescued from human trafficking in Cambodia talking about their hopes and dreams for the future.


Look At Me Now And Here I Am

'Look At Me Now And Here I Am', my exhibition based on my time in Cambodia, has recently finished its run at the Millenium Court Arts Centre. It has been a great success, with many postive comments and converstaions initiated about issues relating to human trafficking - both locally and internationally.

Entrance to photographic exhibition

Portraits of young women rescued from human trafficking

Photographs created by the young women during photo workshop sessions

Cubicle in which video piece was shown

Poem found on wall inside rape cubicle in Cambodia

Video on display inside cubicleAccompanying the video was a piece of text which describe what was being communicated. It describes succintly and accurately what the project was about. This is what it said...

The artist interviewed six young women who had been trafficked into the sex trade in Cambodia as children and are now living under the care of Ratanak International. Esther, Amuy, Miya, Kan Nga, Soriya and Srey Pouv are their chosen names.

In the interviews the women express enthusiasm for photography and talk about their aspirations; to reintegrate into society, have families, jobs, to prevent others from having similar experiences and to have “happiness without bad things happening”. Two hope to become doctors, another a designer and an aid worker, one a photographer and the last, a dancer.

“When I hold the camera it makes me have a lot of dreams”

“My dream is I want to live by own two feet and I want to be a professional dancer”


No More Traffik

I'm well settled into life and routine back home in Belfast after my recent trip to Cambodia. Since getting home it has been great to be part of the No More Traffik campaign, meeting up with the MCAC to discuss my upcoming solo show and towards the end of this month I'm looking forward to being part of a group show focused on faith and the arts.

Cambodia - MCAC
I met up with Geraldine from the Millennium Court Arts Centre towards the end of last month to discuss my recent trip to Cambodia and to show her my work. We also discussed how the show might be curated. I'm looking forward to working out how best to exhibit 
the girl's photos, my images, and the video footage I also shot.

NMT - No More Traffik On Our Streets
The timing was perfect... just after I got back from Cambodia there was a week long series of events raising awareness of the problem of Human Trafficking here in Northern Ireland - reminding us that this isn't just a problem for developing, far away countries but also here, on our streets.

I took part in a number of events. In the above photo I'm speaking at the the IJM hosted event which took place at The Dock in Belfast's Titanic Quarter. The evening was entitled "Stories of Hope".

An Evening of Faith & Arts
On Monday 25th June the opening will take place of a group show I'm part of which explores the themes of art and faith. Come along if you are interested. For more info - have a look at the Contemporary Christianity website.